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April 2019
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Why Private Schools Are Often Better

When we were looking for a good school for our children, it was anything but an easy endeavor. What irked us in particular was that many of the public schools we looked at had rather old sports facilities that were more often than not poorly maintained as well.

For our family, a school that can offer the children good opportunities for sports is very important. We are a family where sports always played a big role. Some great athletes are among our ancestors. So you could say that sports is really something that’s in our blood. We are happy that our children are enthusiastic about sports, this is something we actively support.

At some point during our search for a school we started to investigate several private schools here in our area.

Low and behold, we immediately saw that private schools had better sporting facilities, in some cases not even comparable to those of public schools. Several private schools had Olympic sized pools, well-maintained soccer fields or basketball halls. Two of the private schools even had their own golf courses!

But the difference when it comes to sports wasn’t always obvious just by looking at a school’s facilities. What we found is that a lot of private schools are actively supporting activities such as skiing by offering interested students excursions, in some cases to France or Italy to some of the best skiing resorts. When we mentioned this to some teachers in public schools, most of them looked at us like we are out of our minds. “We don’t have to money for things like that”, we were told.

Now, think about it. If a school cannot afford the best for your children, and yes this includes sports and other extracurricular activities, it means basically having to accept compromises.  We, on the other hand, don’t want compromises when it comes to our children’s education. This is why we think that private schools are much better. We want our children to grow up in the best way possible.

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