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August 2021



kids praise songs… a lifesaver in the car

I have to be honest, car journeys have become a real struggle for us with two kids in the back. They are both boisterous and like to talk and shout and argue at the best of times, and of course being stuck in the confined space of a car for extended periods magnifies that somewhat!

However, one of the helpers at our childrens’ Sunday school pointed out how much they love singing, and perhaps they might be easily distracted with some music to sing along to. It might sound like the sort of thing we should have thought of earlier, we know they love to sing and do so all the time at home. Perhaps on a subliminal level we held off the idea of having kids praise songs on in the car, because we thought they might drive us mad. The reality is though that actually we LOVE having a sing in the car. All four of us join in, including my husband who I’ll admit was reluctant to start with but he has noticed the difference it makes in our kids. It’s not hard to get them singing and once they’ve realised that they do know the song they’re listening to then they’re away.

It’s such a relief, and we love singing worship songs together now. Obviously there’s the initial improvement in our mood, not having to be verbally fighting down grumpy kids from the front, but it’s really encouraging seeing our children engage in worship songs. There are plenty out there that are really catchy, for example:

If you know the song, it will already be playing in your head I would imagine, it’s that catchy.

But there are also plenty that have really great theology, and they don’t even have to be overly simple, for example:

I hope that this little nugget of inspiration is as helpful to someone else as I found it. Kids love to sing – give them great songs to learn and they’ll sing praise songs endlessly 🙂