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September 2021



Getting Fit in London

fitness studio in London

If you are looking to get fit in London there is no question about it that you will have plenty of options. Fitness studios can be found anywhere in the British capital.

What’s more, when compared to several years ago, the average cost for a gym membership has also significantly gone down.

Some years ago, most gyms in London required that you sign up with them for some time, like six months or a year without the possibility to cancel your membership whenever you wanted.

Today, a lot of gyms in London are going the low budget route. They charge very little money, sometimes only 5 pounds per month and most of them will allow you to cancel any time which means there’s no obligation for you at all.

But with the lower priced gyms taking over the United Kingdom recently come several disadvantages as well.

In past times it was quite normal that you got a lot of extras with a gym membership, such as the ability to use a gyms swimming pool or saunas and being able to watch TV while you did your routines with nothing out of the ordinary. With today’s super-cheap gym memberships, most of those luxuries are gone. Some gyms are now even going so far as to provide only the basic exercise equipment. In other words: you’ll get what you pay for.

Fortunately, not all of those people who want to do something for their health are just  looking at membership costs when they want to join a gym. Some realise that the quality and selection of exercise equipment  and most importantly getting competent and support when needed are equally important.

If you are looking for a quality gym in London where you don’t have to sacrifice something it can therefore be recommended that you take your time before you sign up. A good gym should allow you to give it a free test run for an hour or two. You should also check whether a gym that you are considering offers additional things such as training courses or personal trainers. You may not require those things right away, but rest assured there may come a time where you would be happy that a gym can offer you these things. Fitness classes with a qualified trainer are always better than a simple membership!

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