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September 2021



Do You Know the Singing Waiters London?

I had been at quite a lot of wedding receptions in my time but the think the best I have ever been to was  Jenna’s and Travis’ back in May in London.

This was one of the receptions where we all had an incredible fun and I think it was a big part because of The Singing Waiters which they had booked for the day. Is located in know the Singing Waiters are: I one of the best surprise entertainers that we have in the UK right now and I have to say that Jenna with a really good choice by going with them.

It all started out with the reception going a little bit slow about mid-afternoon where everyone had eaten already. All of a sudden, these water guys appear out of nowhere and they seemed to be quite busy with wanting to clean up the tables for whatever we didn’t really know.

It didn’t take long and these “guys” started to shout really loud which made as look at each other because most of us thought today you would start fighting any minute. But before they started actually used their fists to slap each other against their heads, these “waiters” all of a sudden started to sing. And this was when it dawned on us that entire thing was an act…. of course you were quite relieved when we realized that.

About the same time, the music came on and these waiters (which have now magically turned into the singing waiters) started dancing and they didn’t just do it alone but also pulled up some of the guests up on the stage.

Everyone had a blast with these guys and it was probably one of the best of the funniest performances ready fortune to see at a wedding reception. This is when I told Nancy that I definitely want these guys for Rona’s wedding next year. So if you’re still looking for some really good way to spice up your wedding, I can highly recommend that you check out the Singing Waiters in London. They are absolutely worth it!