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Do You Know the Singing Waiters London?

I had been at quite a lot of wedding receptions in my time but the think the best I have ever been to was  Jenna’s and Travis’ back in May in London.

This was one of the receptions where we all had an incredible fun and I think it was a big part because of The Singing Waiters which they had booked for the day. Is located in know the Singing Waiters are: I one of the best surprise entertainers that we have in the UK right now and I have to say that Jenna with a really good choice by going with them.

It all started out with the reception going a little bit slow about mid-afternoon where everyone had eaten already. All of a sudden, these water guys appear out of nowhere and they seemed to be quite busy with wanting to clean up the tables for whatever we didn’t really know.

It didn’t take long and these “guys” started to shout really loud which made as look at each other because most of us thought today you would start fighting any minute. But before they started actually used their fists to slap each other against their heads, these “waiters” all of a sudden started to sing. And this was when it dawned on us that entire thing was an act…. of course you were quite relieved when we realized that.

About the same time, the music came on and these waiters (which have now magically turned into the singing waiters) started dancing and they didn’t just do it alone but also pulled up some of the guests up on the stage.

Everyone had a blast with these guys and it was probably one of the best of the funniest performances ready fortune to see at a wedding reception. This is when I told Nancy that I definitely want these guys for Rona’s wedding next year. So if you’re still looking for some really good way to spice up your wedding, I can highly recommend that you check out the Singing Waiters in London. They are absolutely worth it!

If You Own a Small Business

These days, owning a business is not as a big deal as it was several decades ago. The Internet makes it possible that basically everyone can get to business, whether it is selling on eBay, operating a website along with countless other opportunities.


Einvoicing Helps Your Business Save Costs

On the other hand, even with it being way easier to own a business or get started as an entrepreneur, the same issues are still relevant today as they had always been.

One of those things that business owners will always have to keep an eye on is their expenses.

For most of us who  don’t have an infinite amount of money to work with, every little thing that can help to make things more efficient and more economical in the office can be a great help.

One of those things that I want to talk about today, something which may well save you a good deal of money in your business is einvoicing (electronic invoicing).

Maybe you already have some experience with the normal invoice process. Then you will know how tedious and time-consuming it can be. Not only can invoicing take-up of many hours of your work schedule, it is moreover incurring sometimes significant costs to could easily be avoided. With einvoicing, all those expenses and  the tedious work can be a thing of the past.

There is no need to go too much into detail when it comes to electronic invoicing since it is really easy and straightforward. The one minor change in the process is that you won’t mail your invoices once you print them but instead sent the invoice to an electronic invoice service provider. As opposed to the normal invoicing, you can now send and receive your invoices within seconds and can save a good chunk on postage, and of course the significant time savings not having to deal with paperwork any longer.

One other major benefit of einvoicing is that it can offer you a great deal of mobility. Rather than tedious artists work for invoices you can now do all your invoicing from any mobile device like your phone or notebook. For some professions this can well mean that they don’t even require an office any longer, thanks to electronic invoicing!

If you now consider that einvoicing is really cheap you will probably understand why it can be just the right thing if you want to save some costs. Plus, it doesn’t matter what type of business you own, it works for pretty much any type of business!


How Can You Tell a Good Horse Racing Tipster from a Bad One?

horseracing in the UKIf you are into British horse racing as much as I am you will know that there is certainly no lack of horse racing tips and strategies around.

All you need to do is go on the Internet to do a little searching and you will come across a plethora of websites where someone wants to sell you a strategy or system for the races.

And, not that it’s surprising, almost anyone those horse racing tipsters tells you that their system is the best out there.

Lo and behold, at some point you will likely be overwhelmed with so-called “sure horse racing strategies” where you really don’t know which one of those would actually work.

So, how can you tell a good and reliable horse racing tipster from the bad ones?

It’s actually quite easy. As so many times in life, if they want your money before you have a chance to look at what you will be getting, you should be wary. You wouldn’t want to buy the literal cat in the bag, would you?

Before you spend your hard earned money on a horse racing system you want to know whether the system you are about to get does actually work. The only way to do this would be if you can try out a system for free.

You can spot the good horse racing tipsters here in United Kingdom by looking at whether they offer free horse racing tips. For me, this is a good way to give a system a try without any type of financial obligation. Of course, if you see that the horse racing tips work as advertised you can subscribe to them. The difference here is that you will always know what you will be getting.

Why Private Schools Are Often Better

When we were looking for a good school for our children, it was anything but an easy endeavor. What irked us in particular was that many of the public schools we looked at had rather old sports facilities that were more often than not poorly maintained as well.

For our family, a school that can offer the children good opportunities for sports is very important. We are a family where sports always played a big role. Some great athletes are among our ancestors. So you could say that sports is really something that’s in our blood. We are happy that our children are enthusiastic about sports, this is something we actively support.

At some point during our search for a school we started to investigate several private schools here in our area.

Low and behold, we immediately saw that private schools had better sporting facilities, in some cases not even comparable to those of public schools. Several private schools had Olympic sized pools, well-maintained soccer fields or basketball halls. Two of the private schools even had their own golf courses!

But the difference when it comes to sports wasn’t always obvious just by looking at a school’s facilities. What we found is that a lot of private schools are actively supporting activities such as skiing by offering interested students excursions, in some cases to France or Italy to some of the best skiing resorts. When we mentioned this to some teachers in public schools, most of them looked at us like we are out of our minds. “We don’t have to money for things like that”, we were told.

Now, think about it. If a school cannot afford the best for your children, and yes this includes sports and other extracurricular activities, it means basically having to accept compromises.  We, on the other hand, don’t want compromises when it comes to our children’s education. This is why we think that private schools are much better. We want our children to grow up in the best way possible.

At private schools Hertfordshire you can learn more about the advantages of a good, private school.


A Tip for Your Hydroponic Garden

If you are into gardening, and here hydroponics in particular, you may know about the problem of algae.

As soon as it gets warmer outside, your hydroponic tank with your water and nutrients may soon turn into an algae infested mess. This can clog up air pumps of your hydroponic system. Worse, if the algae problem gets out of hand it may become a real problem for your plants! The algae will take up and deplete oxygen in your nutrient solution, basically starving and choking your plants!

What can you do about this?

One of the easiest things that you can do to prevent algae buildup in your hydroponic system is to add H2O2  (peroxide) to your water. You can simply get the common 3% H202  Peroxide solution that is sold in places such as drugstores or beauty saloons.

Mix 3 mL of 3% H2O2 per 1 L of your water. If you do this, your hydroponic system and your plants will be protected from harmful algae and other microorganisms. In addition to that, the H2O2 also dechlorinates your tap water!

Just know the you should not use H202 when you grow organically or depend in any way on beneficial microorganisms for your grow.

It’s Possible: How You Can Enjoy Traveling Without Spending Too Much

Our CampervanTravel is and has always been one of my favourite things to do.

I don’t know about you, but I could spend most of my time discovering new things all around the world.

I especially like spending some weeks in the Mediterranean, whether it be Spain or Italy, both are equally great holiday destinations.

Aside of those holiday travels where I usually spend several weeks abroad, there are also those numerous smaller holidays where we might spend just a weekend, say if we go to festivals or plan to see a museum or the zoo at some place.

Now, unless you are rather wealthy, constant travel may not be a problem for you. You may book in whatever luxurious hotel and won’t have to worry about your spending. But for the majority of us who like travel but need to watch their spending, frequent holidays sure can add up quickly.

But here’s a solution that cannot only help to make your holiday travels much cheaper, it can also help with making your travel time a lot more exciting: It’s camping! (You might want to check out this list of great campsites in the United Kingdom!)

What we did is that we started with camping two years ago and I can definitely say that camping made our holidays a lot more exciting. We can see a lot more things while we travel, meet more people and so forth. Overall camping is just much better if you really want to get close and personal with the people at your favourite holiday destination.

In addition to what we save on costly hotels, camping gives us also a lot more freedom to go to places that we otherwise wouldn’t even see. In any other case you will always be dependent on your hotel’s location which is not always optimal. With a campervan you can go to the best most interesting places!

If you have never camped before and want to give it a try you should first rent a campervan. You would be surprised how luxurious those are today.

With a VW campervan hire you wil have everything you can even wish for like a small kitchen, a nice bed and many other cool things. If you then decide that you really love camping you can ultimately buy your very own campervan and got exciting travels anytime you want  without worrying about the expenses for booking rooms having to dine in overpriced restaurants.

Getting Fit in London

fitness studio in London

If you are looking to get fit in London there is no question about it that you will have plenty of options. Fitness studios can be found anywhere in the British capital.

What’s more, when compared to several years ago, the average cost for a gym membership has also significantly gone down.

Some years ago, most gyms in London required that you sign up with them for some time, like six months or a year without the possibility to cancel your membership whenever you wanted.

Today, a lot of gyms in London are going the low budget route. They charge very little money, sometimes only 5 pounds per month and most of them will allow you to cancel any time which means there’s no obligation for you at all.

But with the lower priced gyms taking over the United Kingdom recently come several disadvantages as well.

In past times it was quite normal that you got a lot of extras with a gym membership, such as the ability to use a gyms swimming pool or saunas and being able to watch TV while you did your routines with nothing out of the ordinary. With today’s super-cheap gym memberships, most of those luxuries are gone. Some gyms are now even going so far as to provide only the basic exercise equipment. In other words: you’ll get what you pay for.

Fortunately, not all of those people who want to do something for their health are just  looking at membership costs when they want to join a gym. Some realise that the quality and selection of exercise equipment  and most importantly getting competent and support when needed are equally important.

If you are looking for a quality gym in London where you don’t have to sacrifice something it can therefore be recommended that you take your time before you sign up. A good gym should allow you to give it a free test run for an hour or two. You should also check whether a gym that you are considering offers additional things such as training courses or personal trainers. You may not require those things right away, but rest assured there may come a time where you would be happy that a gym can offer you these things. Fitness classes with a qualified trainer are always better than a simple membership!

For Yoga in Hackney I recommend London Fields fitness in East London!

“Crazy” Stress Relief Tips For 2015

stress-reliefCheck this out! I found some very cool “crazy” stress relief tips that are just perfect to start out the new year!

Now is the time where most people get back to business from the long Christmas holidays.

Let’s be honest, for many of us Christmastime also meant a lot of stress.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed with work that might have piled up over the holidays, check out those tips and learn things such as what they call “virtual venting” or how you can freeze your frustration.

The author of those stress relief tips is a professional and  she certainly knows what she’s doing!